Retake and deregistration for an exam

If you want to deregister from a test, it is important that you cancel on time. This is also a requirement if you want to apply for a resit. Do you want to cancel for a lecture? Please contact the lecturer.

Deregister from a test

I want to deregister from a regular test

Are you ill or experiencing circumstances beyond your control? Please deregister from your test in advance using the steps below. After deregistration, you will receive an invitation for the resit. You cannot deregister from a resit, regardless of the reason for your absence.

I want to cancel for another test format

If, due to illness or a situation beyond your control (force majeure), you wish to cancel for another form of test, e.g. a paper or a presentation, please contact your study advisor during the telephone consultation hour.

When are you allowed to retake a test?

You are eligible for a resit (repair test) if you:

  • Have scored below the compulsory minimum for a compulsory partial test (see the course manual) and/or
  • You obtained a final grade for a course between 4 and 5.5 and/or
  • Have failed a compulsory test or final test due to illness or force majeure and have deregistered in accordance with the procedure below.

You may retake the unsatisfactory final grade once. If you miss the resit, you are not entitled to another chance. 

Extra examination opportunity after resit

If you miss a regular resit (repair), you will retake the course in a subsequent academic year. You are only eligible for an additional supplementary or substitute test to repair your final grade if you meet the following criteria:

  • You were unable to participate in the regular test due to illness or force majeure.
  • You cancelled in time for that test.
  • You have participated in the regular reparation test (as the first test opportunity).
  • You obtained a grade between 4.0 and 5.5 as your final grade for the course.
  • You have fulfilled all effort obligations during the course.