Introductie studenten, © Michael Kooren

You will meet your fellow students and your tutor during the orientation. You will also receive information about all sorts of practical matters, such as ICT, academic supervision and the binding recommendation regarding the continuation of studies.

Dear student(s) of Celtic,

Welcome to Celtic Languages and Culture department! We hope that you will find your studies interesting and we wish you every success at the department.

Your studies begin with an Introduction on Monday and Tuesday 6th and 7th  August. The programme is mostly made up of activities organized by the student society Asterix. You can find the full programme on this website.

You will need the website of Celtic Languages and Culture for information about the study programme, timetables and other things. Make sure you have acquired certain books as well as having read the website before 13 September.

We request you to have the mandatory books for the courses: Introduction to Celtic Studies and Old Irish: language and culture 1 before the beginning of the courses. Order your books on time. See 'Reading list' for more information about ordering books.

All first year students, also in other studies, are required to write a grammatical test in the first year of their studies. For more information about the grammatical test see ‘Grammer Test’ on this website.

Other matters will be explained during the introduction. We look forward to welcoming you and we wish you every success with your new studies. Enjoy the holidays and we will see you on Monday 6th Sepember!

With best regards,

on behalf of  Peter Schrijver, professor for Celtic Languages and Culture and the other lecturers of Celtic,

Mícheál Ó Flaithearta

Dear Celt,

First of all: a very warm welcome to our bachelor programme! In a few weeks you will learn the most wonderful things about the world of the Celts and embark on the path that will eventually lead to your BA degree. First, however, there are a few things that have to be arranged and explained, so that you can get off to a flying start!

Who are we? We are Asterix, an active study association that organises various activities throughout the year. These activities range from educational to completely social. We also offer the opportunity to order some of your books with a discount, and we keep in close contact with students throughout the BA programme. We are also in charge of part of the introduction, so you will get to know us very soon!

In order to offer you the great discounts on books and the opportunity to join us for fun activities, we invite you to become a member of Asterix. Becoming a member is completely optional, as are the activities! Most of our students choose to become a member for the discount on the books and to get the opportunity to socialise with other Celtic students. Over the past years we have, among other things, gone laser gaming, organised a movie night, hosted special lectures and a book market, annually celebrated four Celtic seasonal festivals, went on study trips (to Dublin, Edinburgh, Galway) and visited a historical re-enactment park! If this has made your heart beat faster and you can’t wait to join us on our next adventures, then follow this link to our registration form.

In this introductory package you will also find a list of all the required books for the first year’s compulsory courses. Some of these books have to come from Ireland, and are thus most easily (and more cheaply!) ordered through Asterix. Most of the others are very easy to find online ( is a useful website for this, or Please stick to the deadline for ordering books through Asterix, and make sure you also have the other books available to you at the start of the academic year. Now that the Covid-19 restrictions are slowly vanishing, we expect to be able to hand out the books to you during the introduction. This year, that introduction will most likely take place on location in Utrecht, but if it should become necessary to host it online, we will let you know. A programme of the introductory activities will be provided later. Again, we will keep you informed!

In case you will not be able to make it to (part of) the introduction, because of illness or personal circumstances, please let us know via so that we can take this into account. I would also like to direct you towards our Facebook page and our website where you can find more information about Celtic studies and Asterix! Finally, I would like to wish all of you a very enjoyable summer and I hope to see you in good health at the introduction in September!

All the best,

Eva Peters
Chair of S.V. Asterix 2021-2022

Dear first year Celtic students,

Naturally, you are going to need some books for this year. To make this as easy as possible for you, Asterix has compiled a list with all the books you will need for the compulsory first year courses of Celtic. Some of these books are available through Asterix, with an extra discount for its members. You’ll have to get the rest of the books yourself, for example from Bookdepository,, the Studystore or Amazon.

How to order

Send an email to, telling us which books you want to order and whether or not you’re a member of Asterix.

Transfer the money via bank transfer to IBAN NL21 RBRB 0929 0799 14 under the name of ‘Studievereniging Asterix’, and include in the comments which books you have ordered and whether you’re a member or not (for example: “all books for Old Irish, not a member”, if you want to buy all the Old Irish books and you’re not a member of Asterix). Please also give your name. If you’re not paying for yourself, please include the name of the student for whom you’re paying. Books will be distributed during the introduction, 6 or 7 September.

A few remarks:

  • ATTENTION! THE DEADLINE FOR ORDERING IS FRIDAY, AUGUST 6TH!! It is possible to order books after the deadline, but in that case you will have to pay for shipping for the DIAS and RIA books as well (about €6-€10). If you order after the deadline, we will not be able to guarantee that the books will be in the Netherlands on time, as they have to be shipped from Ireland.
  • Please send us an email if you cannot afford the books because you’re short on cash. In that case we will try to find a solution together.
  • For other questions regarding books or ordering please send an email to For questions regarding other things, such as the introduction, the Van Hamel foundation or membership of Asterix, please send an email to

The books available through Asterix:

Old Irish 1 (period 1)

  • J. Strachan, Stories from the Táin, 3th edition (RIA) (members €10, non-members €12)
  • Optional, recommended: J. Strachan, Old Irish Paradigms & Selections from the Old Irish Glosses, 4e editie (RIA) (members €12.50, non-members €15)

Old Irish 2 (period 2)

  • R. Thurneysen, A Grammar of Old Irish (DIAS) (members €28.50, non-members €30)

Middle Welsh 1 (period 3)

  • D.S. Evans, A Grammar of Middle Welsh. (DIAS) (members €23.50, non-members €25)
  • R.L. Thomson, Pwyll Pendeuic Dyuet. (DIAS) (members €19, non-members €20)

Complete list of books:

Introduction to Celtic Studies (period 1)

  • John Haywood, The Historical Atlas of the Celtic World, repr. 2009

Old Irish: Language and Culture 1 (period 1):

  • Ranke de Vries, A student’s companion to Old Irish grammar, 2nd edition
  • J. Strachan, Stories from the Táin (RIA)

Continental Celtic (period 2):

  • Barry Cunliffe, The Ancient Celts, 2nd edition

Old Irish: Language and Culture 2 (period 2):

  • R. Thurneysen, A Grammar of Old Irish (DIAS)

Middle Welsh 1 (period 3):

  • D.S. Evans, A Grammar of Middle Welsh (DIAS)
  • R.L. Thomson, Pwyll Pendeuic Dyuet (DIAS)
  • Sioned Davies, The Mabinogion (Oxford World's Classics) The University Library has a free subscription for this book, so it is possible to access it for free. Be aware, however, that the page numbers often do not match, and that you are required to have access to (at least) one version of the book! It is mandatory reading!

Middle Welsh 2 (period 4):

  • Natalia Petrovskaia, Delw y Byd: A Medieval Welsh Encyclopedia (MHRA); (Note: this book is also available online via the University Library)

In order for you to be able to successfully participate in your programme, you will require some basic knowledge of grammatical concepts and some basic competence in sentence analysis. All first-year students Celtic Languages and Culture are required to take a basic grammar test. The purpose of the test is to assess your knowledge of basic grammatical concepts and your competence in linguistic analysis. On this page you find all the information about the grammar test.  

This bachelor is subject to a binding study advice (BSA). The BSA is a decision by the Board of Examiners about the continuation of your studies, based on your study progress. Please visit this page for the BSA information.