Year 3 is all about your final project. You will take the following courses:

Refer to the Course Planner for an overview of the compulsory courses that are part of the Celtic Languages and Culture programme. 

Did you start before 2019? Then check the Celtic Languages and Culture Education and Examination Regulations to see which courses you will have to take.

Block 3: Capstone Course (EV)

The Capstone Course reinforces all the skills you have learned thus far in the programme and prepares you for your final thesis. You will write a proposal and gain insight into the research being carried out within your field of study. You will take this course together with students of English Language and Culture and Linguistics. This course is offered in different blocks, but for students of Celtic it is best to take the course in block 3.

Block 4: Final thesis

You are free to choose the subject, as long as it is on a Celtic languages and culture research area: Irish Literature, Irish Linguistics, Welsh Literature or Welsh Linguistics. 

Block 1, 2, 3 and 4: Elective courses

In year 3, you choose the remaining elective courses. As electives you can start with a minor, do an internship, go abroad or choose from a broad range of available courses. Make sure to check each course's entry requirements.

Compulsory courses year 3