Year 2

Year 2 consists of:

In the fold-outs below you will find an overview of all the compulsory courses in year 2. Refer to the Course Planner for an overview of the compulsory courses that are part of the Celtic Languages and Culture programme. Are you planning to do an internship in your third year or would you like to study abroad for a while? In that case it is best to start planning in your second year. 

Did you start before 2023? Then check the Celtic Languages and Culture Education and Examination Regulations to see which courses you will have to take.

Register in time!

You must register for both the specialisation and the courses. Some courses in the specialisations have limited space and priority rules apply, which means that there is a shorter course registration period. So carefully check what the registration deadline is and register in time! 


A specialisation is a selection of 4 related courses. The Celtic Languages and Culture programme offers 2 specialisations:

  • Language contact and language change in Celtic
  • Interpretation and reinterpretation of Medieval Celtic texts

If you wish to add courses from another specialisation to your programme, you may do so as electives. Your specialisation prepares you for your final paper, which you will write in your third year. The subject of your final paper will be in line with your specialisation. 

Course accompanying your specialisation

In addition to your specialisation you choose a course that relates to your specialisation. Which course this is, depends on the specialisation you choose. In the fold-outs below you can see the courses you can choose from.

Language specialisation course (MO)

In year 2 or 3 you choose one of the following language specialisation courses (7.5 EC at level 2 or 3):

  • Modern Irish (odd years) or Modern Welsh (even years)
  • Latin: Medieval Universal Language
  • Old Norse (odd years) or Old English (even years)

Elective courses

In year 2 you take your first elective courses. As electives (your optional course profile), you choose components with a total study load of 60 EC. You can start with a minor, do an internship, go abroad or choose from a broad range of available courses. Make sure to check each course's entry requirements.

Compulsory courses year 2

General information