Challenge yourself

Are you looking for additional challenges in your progamme or do you wish to broaden your horizon and dig deeper? There are all kinds of  things you can do, when you want to do something extra. Feel free to contact your Study Advisor in case you need help or would like to discuss your planning.

An overview of the possibilities:

Honours programme

A university degree is varied and challenging in itself, but if you want to broaden your horizon or dig deeper, we also offer honours programmes that provide an additional challenge. You can choose between 2 types of programmes:

An extra bachelor's programme

In the course of your first year, you may, in consultation with your tutor and Study Advisor, choose to do another bachelor's programme in addition to the bachelor's programme you are already doing. Both bachelor's programmes can usually be completed within 4 years and lead to two full-fledged bachelor's degrees. Your study planning is always made to measure, which you draw up together with your Study Advisor.

If you do 2 bachelors, you may choose to fill your electives with courses from your other bachelor. 

An extra minor

A minor is a coherent package of 4 courses (30 EC) in a certain subject area. Often, a minor is a useful preparation or even an entrance requirement for a master's programme. Within our faculty, there are many programme-specific and interdisciplinary minors. For example, within the range offered by the entire UU, the minor Entrepeneurship and the Dutch spoken minor Bestuurs- en organisatiewetenschap might be of interest 


An internship is very useful for gaining work experience. And it can help you find a job. If necessary, consult your Study Advisor to see how you can fit an internship into your study programme.

Studying abroad

Utrecht University likes to challenge you to push your limits. There are many possibilities if you want to go abroad for a while. And the nice thing is: it's often a beautiful and unforgettable time, is strong on your CV and is good for your personal development!

Extra courses

The Course Planner contains all the courses our univeristy has on offer. You can also browse through the elective courses from the Humanities faculty.  

Extracurricular workshops

Skill’s Lab and Career Services offer all sorts of workshops, coursesm etcetera to helpt you work on your (academic) skills and prepare for your career.

Additional ways to challenge yourself, outside of your programme

In addition to your studies, you can do all sorts of things to challenge yourself. For example, you can bcome a member of one of our Student participation bodies:: the faculty council, a programme committee or the University Council.

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