Course registration

In the first half year, you will be registered for all your courses. Follow the step-by-step plan to register, or start registration directly via Osiris.

Step 1: Check the registration period

First of all, check in which period you need to register for a course or minor. Please note! The registration periods may differ from one faculty to another. In Osiris and the course planner, you can see what the registration deadline for a course or minor is.

Registration periods HUM 2024-2025

Study period 1 and 2

3 June until 21 June* 

Study period 3 and 4

4 November until 22 November*

*For some courses, you can only register in the first week of the registration period. Read more about courses with priority rules.

Step 2: Select a course

Once you know when you need to register, you can start looking at courses or minors that seem interesting to you. An overview of all courses and additional descriptions can be found in Osiris and the course planner.

Go to Osiris
Go to the course planner

Step 3: Check the entrance requirements

After you have found an interesting course or minor, it is important to check whether you meet the entrance requirements. You can check this in Osiris and the course planner.

Step 4: Check the time slot

Once you are sure you meet the entrance requirements, it is important to check that the course does not overlap with other courses you are taking in the same study period. You can find the time slot of the course in the course description in Osiris and the course planner. Check the time slots of the courses and avoid overlapping courses in your timetable.

Step 5: Registration or deregistration

Make sure you register for the course or minor on time. Go to Osiris and find the course you want to register for. Go to 'Enrol' in the left menu and go through the steps.

Courses with priority rules

Some courses have limited space and give priority to certain groups of students. Register for courses with priority rules in the first week of the registration period.