Course registration

Course registration

You register for courses per semester in OSIRIS. Choose courses that do not fall into the same time slot. Please refer to the Course Planner to see which courses are part of your programme.

Deregister from a course that you planned to do

If you decide that you do not want to take a course after all, make sure you quickly deregister for this course in OSIRIS. This is possible up to and including the first week of the block in which the course is given.

Courses with available places

Shortly before the start of each block, we offer change-of-enrolment days that you can use to register for courses with available places. A week before the change-of-enrolment days, we will publish a list of courses with available places on this website

Courses with limited space

Some courses have limited space and give priority to certain groups of students. For these courses, registration for blocks 3 and 4 will be open until 14 November at 12.00 noon

On 18 November, the Student Information Desk Humanities will send an email to all UU students to let them know whether or not they had been placed for these courses. Are you a subsidiary student? Then you can send us an email from 18 November to ask if you have been placed.

Important dates

22 Aug 09.00 - 23 Aug 23.59
change-of-enrolment days block 1

24 Oct 09.00 – 25 Oct 23.59
change-of-enrolment days block 2

31 Oct 0.00 – FRIDAY 25 Nov 23.59 
course registration blocks 3 and 4 2022-23

14 Nov 12.00 noon
registration priority-rules courses ends

23 Jan 09.00 – 24 Jan 23.59
change-of-enrolment days block 3

3 Apr 09.00 – 4 Apr 23.59
change-of-enrolment days block 4

What to consider when registering for courses?

Instructional format

Select all instructional formats by ticking the boxes.

Entrance requirements

Before you register, check if you meet all the entrance requirements. As a rule, this is checked after the course registration. If you do not meet the requirements, you are not allowed to participate. In this case, you must wait until the change-of-enrolment days before you can register for another course.

Time slots

Prevent overlap in the schedules. Before you register, check in which time slots (see Schedules) the courses are offered.

Group preference

Please keep in mind that your preference for a particular group cannot always be met.

Registration periods other faculties

Be informed in time of the registration periods of other faculties.

More information

For question or more information on course (de)registration, you can contact the Student Information Desk Humanities.