The Faculty of Humanities does not have many internships positions abroad. Sometimes you will find Internship Vacancies on offer for Humanities students. Keep in mind that you will have to find an internship position yourself. Nevertheless, students have found trainee positions in many places: with the United Nations in New York, with Dutch embassies abroad, with a NGO in Central Asia, with companies in Swiss and Italy etc.

On the general student website you can find information on other issues you should bear in mind when doing an international internship, such as financing, visa and permits, insurance etc. 

Please note! If you want to have an internship position abroad, start collecting information as early as possible. At least one year in advance. Applying for visa and residence permits (for instance for Canada, Australia or the United States) may take a while. An early start is therefore worth the trouble.

How to find an internship

There are several options to obtain an internship position:

  • You can search yourself. Below you will find some useful tips on how to go about.
  • You may call in the help of an agency.
  • On the general student website you can find some useful links

Are you looking for an internship position in a particular town or region but you have no idea where to start? Search the internet for:

  • the website of the town itself
  • the local newspapers (for instance, check www.allyoucanread.com)
  • the national authorities
  • the local authorities

Do you want to obtain an internship position with a foreign branch of a Dutch company? First read the company’s website carefully. Then you can usually apply for an internship via the personnel department, but you can also take the plunge and contact the foreign branch yourself. Be well prepared. Often they will want to know why you have chosen this particular company, who you are and what you want to achieve with an internship.

Do you want to obtain an internship with a local company abroad? Search the website of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the country itself. Sometimes the Dutch Chamber of Commerce may have the information you are looking for: www.kamervankoophandel.nl (in Dutch)

Or search the website of the Dutch embassy in the country of your choice. It may contain relevant information. Check the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for information about Dutch embassies.

A Dutch branch organisation can be an excellent starting point for your search. For instance the Nederlandse museumvereniging (in Dutch) or the Theater Instituut Nederland (in Dutch). Often you will find links to international sister institutions. You can also check the Yellow Pages of a country/region (for instance for the US: www.yellowpages.com). Also the Dutch Embassy is a good starting point if you are searching by sector.

Registration in OSIRIS

Are you starting an internship abroad? Register your internship in OSIRIS. Click the 'Stay abroad' button to say in which period you will be doing your internship, and don't forget to leave your abroad address. This way, the faculty will be able to contact you in case of calamities.

More information

Before you can start your internship abroad, a lot of things must be taken care of. For more information, please contact the Internship Office Humanities. For an extensive step-by-step plan and practical information, check the General Studentsite information about an international internship.