Support, Wellbeing and Advice

Various support staff are available at Utrecht University to help you with any questions, support or tailored advice related to your degree that you may need during your studies.

Programme-specific questions

Within your programme you may turn to the following people for advise:

  • Programme Coordinator: this is your first contact within the Master’s programme for questions related to the programme's contents. 
  • Tutor:  for questions relating to the contents of the programme. 
  • Study Advisor: for complex questions or problems relating to study choices, planning and progress.
  • International Office: for questions regarding enrollment in extra courses abroad.
  • Career Officer: for information about your career, future possibilities as well as relevant workshops and help with job applications.
  • Student Information Desk Humanities: for more practical questions related to your programme.

Support with personal problems

The UU offers all kinds of support in the field of wellbeing:

  • Events

    • Workshop Working Consciously & Effectively (in Dutch)

      This interactive training will help you work with a purpose and reduce your stress levels into the bargain.
    • Get2KnowUU

      Living and studying in the Netherlands can be quite an adventure when you are used to a different country. Maybe you have found your way during the Welcome Week in August, but maybe you would like to get to know more about the guidance and development options at Utrecht University.
    • Get2KnowUU

      Wonen en studeren in Nederland kan een heel avontuur zijn als internationale student. Misschien heb je je weg al gevonden tijdens de Welcome Week in augustus, maar misschien wil je (nog) meer weten over de begeleidings- en ontwikkelingsmogelijkheden aan de Universiteit Utrecht.
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Questions not related to your study programme

In some cases you may want to consult someone who is not related to your specific study programme. For example, if you fall behind due to extenuating circumstances or mental health issues, and it is not possible to correct this through an adjustment in your programme. If this is the case, you may use the contacts mentioned below.

We have put together some study tips and useful links and offer a number of workshops which can help you to improve your study skills.