Test deregistration

» unable to take part in a test: fill in our test deregistration form (before the start of your test)
» unable to attend a lecture: contact your lecturer

When can you retake a test?

You can only deregister once with retention of the first test opportunity. You may retake (repair) a test in the following cases (all 3 need to apply):

  • If you have an unsatisfactory mark for a compulsory partial test AND
  • if you have obtained a final mark for a course between 4 and 5.5 AND
  • if you have been unable to take a compulsory partial test or final test due to illness or force majeure and you have deregistered via our test deregistration form.

This applies to all types of tests, i.e. (partial) tests, presentations, oral examinations, papers or other forms of testing.  

How to deregister for a test

  1. Fill in the deregistration form before your test starts. You will automatically receive a confirmation. Only the Study Advisors can see your input in this form. 
  2. Inform your course coordinator by email about your absence in the test (e.g. by sending the confirmation of step 1). For reasons of privacy, you may remove the cause of your absence.
  3. Do you have proof of absence? In that case, submit your proof by email to your Study Advisor, no later than 5 days after your deregistration. Please mention:
    • your name
    • programme name
    • student number
    • course name
    • course code
  4. If you are unable to submit some proof, then contact your study advisor and discuss your situation.
  5. Submit a resit request to the course coordinator as soon as possible.

The course coordinator will determine the test's form, content and date. If you miss the resit, you are NOT eligible for another resit.

If your request for a resit is rejected

In case your request for an additional or replacement test is rejected and you are of the opinion that you are entitled to it, you may submit your request to the board of examiners. 

    You missed a test due to force majeure
    • You do a resit (repair)
    • Your score for the entire course is between 4.0 and 5.4

    > You are entitled to an extra resit (final repair opportunity)

    You have taken a test and your final mark for the course is between 4.0 and 5.4
    • You do a resit (repair)
    • You obtain a 5.4 or lower

    > You are NOT entitled to an extra resit (repair)

    You missed a test due to force majeure, or you scored a final course grade of 4.0 or lower
    • You have missed the resit (repair) with or without force majeure

    > You are NOT entitled to an extra resit (repair). Report to your study advisor to discuss your situation.

    Absent for a longer period of time

    • Lectures & Illness
      Report to your lecturer. Ask a fellow student if you can take over the notes afterwards. Do you want to follow the lecture from home? Ask your lecturer if this is possible.
    • If you miss education for a longer period of time because of illness
      The course manual states the requirements you need to meet for a course. In principle, you must attend 80% of all lectures. If your absence is prolonged, please contact your lecturer as well as your Study Advisor. If you are able to attend your study group online, you may ask a fellow student to switch Teams on for you during class.
    • Absence from an exam
      Always use the test deregistration form to cancel your attendance. You may only be absent from an exam once to retain the first opportunity to take the exam.