Course registration

You register for courses in OSIRIS. Every block has a fixed registration period and a few change days on which you can register for courses that still have places available, the so-called change-of-enrolment days.

The most up-to-date list of available courses, enrolment codes and associated timeslots can be found in the course catalogue and the course planner.

  • Semester 1 timetable will be published mid-August.
  • Semester 2 timetable will be published mid-January.


Each course falls within one or two timeslots (A, B, C, D, E, or a combination of these letters). You take your compulsory courses in various timeslots.

If a letter combination is indicated for a course (e.g. CD), the course falls within both timeslots and you should make sure that the rest of your courses fall in the other slots (i.e. A and/or B). Not all hours of the timeslot will be taken up by the course itself. The enrolment page in OSIRIS Student also shows the timeslot(s) in which each course is offered .

Please note that registering for courses in corresponding timeslots can lead to an overlap in lectures and/or exams. If you register for courses in matching time-slots, we are not responsible for any overlap in education and/or exams.

Registration periods 2019-2020
Block 1 and 2 (Semester I)

3 June – 30 June 2019

Block 3 and 4 (Semester II)

28 October – 24 November 2019

Change-of-enrolment days

Shortly before the start of each block the so-called change-of-enrolment days take place. These are designated days just prior to the start of every block. From 9 am on these days, you can register for courses that still have places available. Make sure you are on time: many courses have only a limited number of places. The list of courses for the change-of-enrolment days of block 1 can be found HERE.

Block 1

19 and 20 August 2019

Block 2

21 and 22 October 2019

Block 3

20 and 21 January 2020

Block 4

30 and 31 March 2020

Courses with priority rules

Many courses have a limited number of available places. For these courses, priority rules apply. Certain groups of students are guaranteed a place, provided they register on time. Other students will be placed by means of random selection. 

Registration for courses with priority rules

You can only register for courses with priority rules during the first two weeks of the course registration period – up until 12 noon on Monday, June 17, 2019. The time of registration has no bearing on your placement, so it does not matter at what time you register for the course as long as you do so before 12 noon on Monday, June 17.

Placement notice

On Friday 21 June, you will receive a message in your Solis email informing you whether you have been selected to participate in the priority-rules course(s) that you registered for. In case you were not selected, you may register for courses without priority rules until midnight on Sunday 30 June 30.

To which courses do the priority rules apply?

Course deregistration

If you have registered for a course in which, on second thought, you do not wish to participate, please deregister as soon as possible, so that a fellow student can take your place.

How to deregistrate?

You may deregister in OSIRIS until the the first week of the block in which the course is taught. After that it is no longer possible to deregister and 'NP' (Not Participated) will appear on your Study Progress Review.

Timeline course registration block 1 and 2 2019-2020
Monday 3 June 00:00

course registration opens for all courses

Monday 17 June 12:00 (noon)

registration for priority-rules courses ends

Friday 21 June

message about placement in courses with priority rules via your Solis-mail

Sunday 30 June 23:59

end of course registration


  • Instructional format
    Select all instructional formats by ticking the boxes.
  • Group preference
    Please keep in mind that your preference for a particular group cannot always be met.
  • Entrance requirements
    Before you register, check if you meet all the entrance requirements. As a rule, this is checked after the course registration. If you do not meet the requirements, you are not allowed to participate. In this case, you must wait until the change-of-enrolment days before you can register for another course.
  • Timeslots
    Prevent overlap in the schedules. Before you register, check in which time slots (see Schedules) the courses are offered.
  • Register for all the courses you would like to follow
    Avoid havving to register for courses during the change-of-enrolment days because during those days many courses are closed for registration or get filled up quickly.
  • Registration periods other faculties
    Be informed in time of the registration periods of other faculties.

You will receive further information about course registration via your student email.

Academic year calendar

  • Non-teaching Days: no classes, tests and resits scheduled.
    Group or individual arrangements can be made if so agreed upon by both the student and the teacher, e.g. handing in an assignment, doing a resit or receiving feedback.
  • Reflection weekno classes and tests scheduled.
    Students and teachers are available for resits, reflection, feedback, tutoraat and information events. 
  • Christmas break: no classes, tests and resits. 
    Students do not have to be available for teaching or study activities. 
  • Summer break: no classes, tests and resits scheduled.
    Group or individual arrangements can be made if so agreed upon by both the student and the teacher, e.g. handing in an assignment, doing a resit or receiving feedback. 

Courses/educational activities offered (in part) by other faculties than the Faculty of Humanities may diverge from this year calendar. Those who want to plan ahead can consult the multiple year overview for the starting dates of the semesters, blocks and the Christmas break. Note: no rights can be claimed from the information in this calendar.

Academische jaarkalender Faculteit Geesteswetenschappen
Academische jaarkalender Faculteit Geesteswetenschappen


You can find your personal schedules in MyTimetable. The CoursePlanner can help you plan your academic career.

Time slot model

Time slots

When registering for courses you must select courses from different time slots to prevent having to take lectures, tutorials or exams at the same time. The time slots allow you to make up your own schedule. The picture on the right shows the week's division in different time slots.

How to use time slots when registering for courses?

  • You will find the most recent available courses, registration codes and matching time slots in OSIRIS
  • If a course is indicated by a combination of letters (for instance C/D), then the course is in both slots and you have to make sure that your other courses are in the other slots (so A and/or B). Not all the hours of the time slots are used for teaching.
  • In the OSIRIS registration screen you will see in which time slots the course is available (A, B, C, D of E, or a combination of these).
  • Course registration in identical time slots may lead to overlap in teaching and/or testing. So make sure to register for courses that do not overlap.
Time slot model exams

The exam time slot model

If an exam is scheduled outside the regular course schedule, it can be scheduled according to the exam time slot model. These times are different from the course times.

More information

For question or more information on course (de)registration, you can contact the Student Desk Humanities.