You graduate when all your study results have been registered in Osiris and you have met all the requirements of your programme. When this is the case, you will automatically receive an e-mail from the Graduation Office. Want to know if you are ready to graduate? Then check the steps on this page.

Step 1: Am I ready to graduate?

Check the following to make sure you are ready to graduate:


Once all your study results are properly listed in Osiris, you will need to take care of the following, otherwise you may pay a month's tuition fee too much:

Step 2: Approval of the Board of Examiners

At the beginning of each month, the Board of Examiners checks who has met all the examination requirements of the study programme in the previous month and sets the examination date. You will then receive a graduation e-mail.

Postponing graduation

Do you want to postpone graduation? 

  • First check if you meet the requirements.
  • Then submit a digital request of postponement to the Board of Examiners within 2 weeks after receiving your graduation email.

Step 3: Receive your diploma

Our Master's programmes usually organise graduation ceremonies a few times a year. You will receive a personal invitation by e-mail with the exact time and place.

Not attending the graduation ceremony?

Then collect your diploma from the Student Information Desk starting 5 working days after the ceremony.

Do you need a graduation statement? 

About 2 weeks after your exam date, you can request a graduation statement from DUO's diploma register yourself. Do you need confirmation of your graduation before then? Then apply for a graduation statement through the application form. You can apply as soon as you have met the examination requirements and all your results are visible on your study progress report. We will try to mail your statement within a week.

Any questions?

Please contact the Student Information Desk of Humanities.