People of This Is UU-Week 2022

During the corona pandemic it was difficult to get to know other students, the university, the Utrecht Science Park (USP), but also student organizations. For this reason, the This Is UU-Week was organized from from April 19 - April 21. In this image report, students tell what they missed most during the corona pandemic and what they liked most about this week.


Rik, 4th year Biology student

'What I liked most about This Is UU-Week was that different associations took part. People from all sorts of backgrounds were brought together.'

Susanna, Liberal Arts and Sciences, 4th year

'During the pandemic, I missed meeting people and doing fun activities. During the This Is UU-Week, this was possible again! There was a lot of choice and you could try out a lot. For instance, I played squash and followed workshops at Parnassos.'

Erica, Language studies, 2nd year

'There should definitely be a second edition of This Is UU-Week. During the pandemic, students couldn't do anything. Now you can finally get together again and do fun things.'

Marit, student Taal en Cultuurstudies

'The best thing about the This Is UU-Week is the sociability, the workshops at Parnassos and meeting new people!'

Patricia, Taal en Cultuurstudies, 2nd year

'What I liked best about This is UU-Week were the cultural activities. During my studies, I try to get involved in culture, but I often don't get around to it because of the hectic nature of my studies.'

Pier Carlo, Computer Sciences, master student

‘The This Is UU-Week was very welcoming! There were lots of people and it felt very personal. The activities I liked the most were climbing the Dom Tower and the Food and Drinks at the Botanic Gardens.’

Joosje Kok, Psychology student, 1st year

'The best part of the This Is UU-Week was the Food and Drinks in the Botanic Gardens. I met a lot of fellow students during the week. It was really nice to get together with other students!'

Tingting, PhD candidate Geosciences

‘I liked the Food and Drinks at the Botanic Gardens the most. There was sun, the dj was playing very nice music and it was a good way to meet my colleagues and to make new friends!’