Workshop 'Working Consciously & Effectively'

Is time slipping through your fingers? Are you running behind schedule? Or do you struggle with switching between all your interests and responsibilities? Or do you find it difficult to say no in time or ask for help? If some of these issues sound familiar to you, time may be managing you rather than you managing your time. This can lead to an ineffective way of working that triggers a unproductive spiral that feeds on itself.

In this workshop you will familiarize with some classic time management models and methods. These will help you organize and prioritize your work in order to get things done. For example, we will distinguish between urgent and important tasks and will discuss the psychology of our own decision making. Together we will make an inventory of proven time management principles from which you can choose the lifehacks that most resonate with you. You will also fill in a short self-assessment questionnaire to examine what working style(s) characterizes you best. You will learn more about the benefits that come with a working style and how to recognize and avoid the pitfalls.

After this workshop you will have more tools to improve your self-management and work more efficiently, effectively and consciously. As a result you will increase your productivity, reduce stress and experience more balance.

Please note: if you are specifically looking for guidance in how to deal with stress or to live a more balanced life we recommend you to attend the ‘Tackle Your Stress’ or ‘Energy Management’ workshop.