Workshop Find your Ikigai

Do you ever reflect on what makes you happy? Or what the world needs and how you can contribute to that? Or how you can earn your money in a meaningful way, while also doing what you are good at? These kinds of existential questions, and finding answer to it, can be both a burden and a blessing. The fact is, everyone has a so-called Ikigai: sources of meaning.

In this workshop you will be challenged to explore and further define your passion, mission and talents. The start of the workshop is reflective. You will formulate an answer to all kinds of questions, individually. In the second half of the workshop we focus on interactions and collective brainstorming. In subgroups you will try to distill meaningful patterns from your individual notes that characterize you as a person. This way you get a better grip on what makes your life meaningful, what goals you pursue and which actions you can take to translate these into your daily life. In this way reflection is converted into action.

After this workshop you will have a better understanding of what makes your life meaningful. You will be better able to experience and explain what drives you in life. This will give you both direction and energy/inspiration. With your increased self-awareness it becomes easier to make a decision and make a next step.

Please note: If you are looking for more guidance in your search for meaning consider booking a ‘Bright Conversation’ with one of our counselors. If you are specifically looking for career counseling please have a look at the Career Services webpage. We recommend you to start with the workshop ‘Self-analysis for Career Orientation’. Also, you can book an individual meeting with one of the (faculty) Career Officers.