Workshop 'Change your negative self-image' (Dutch)

Please note: this workshop is only offered in Dutch.

This workshop is designed for students who have a negative self-image, and would like to work on improving it. During the sessions attention is paid to various aspects such as the origin of the negative self-image, gaining insight into one's positive qualities, dealing with compliments, etc. The training is mainly practical in nature. Participants receive assignments which they have to carry out and practice at home.

For who?

Students at Utrecht University who have a negative self-image and would like to work on improving it.


6 sessions of one and a half hours.

Where and when

Location and dates will follow.


One-time €25 for the intake interview




Prior to registration, individuals must undergo an initial orientation and intake conversation with a student psychologist. Schedule an appointment with a student psychologist for an intake interview. During this conversation, you will discuss if this workshop is best suited for you or whether other avenues are more appropriate.