Wellbeing Week

The 9th edition of the UU Wellbeing Week(s) will take place from 8 to 17 May 2023. You can find the programme below! 

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Research shows that many students receive social support from family and friends, but it also shows that a lot of them would experience loneliness, unhealthy stress and performance pressure. Topics that still seems to feel like a taboo to talk about. What is needed to discuss the elephant in the room?

Utrecht University's Wellbeing Week(s) aims to create awareness and stimulate an open conversation about your well-being and vitality, through a diverse programme of activities. The Wellbeing Week(s) takes place twice a year, in May and in November. Organised for students, by (recently graduated) students. The extensive programme covers wellbeing as a whole and is as diverse and inclusive as possible. Thus, it covers mental, physical and spiritual well-being, but also financial, environmental, intellectual, professional and social well-being.