Meet My Loneliness

The groups have started and applications for this round are no longer possible. Please sign up for the waiting list so we can keep track of the interest for the next round. Interested in a Dutch-speaking group? Please email us to

Feeling lonely in a room full of people or in a city full of friends can be very discouraging. But it is also very common. On our search for meaningful connections, we can experience loneliness even though there are enough people around who care for us. So, we wonder if anything is wrong with us or with our relationships? Ironically, these thoughts - in turn – can impact our existing and even potential interactions.

By bringing together UU students with a shared experience of loneliness, we want to start an open conversation. Which kind of lonely are you?

This group is for all of those who would like to connect, who are curious and conscious about their feelings and would like to contribute to sustainable mental health support within the UU. Although friendships may arise from this support group, this is not its main aim. This group will have a minimum of 5 and maximum of 10 participants, to create a safe space and facilitate cohesion.

If you would like to meet new people for social purposes, then UUConnects might be able to help you out.


This Peer2Peer support group is an initiative form the Clinical Skills Lab- Clinical Psychology in close collaboration with the Student Wellbeing-Team. It will be hosted by our UU students Angeliki Gianniou (Master student Clinical Psychology) & Yashna Pande (Master student Clinical Psychology)

The sessions will take place at Utrecht Science Park or Parnassos. Upcoming dates are:

Semester I:
October 25th Tuesday, 2022 (Parnassos, room 2.04)
November 8th, Tuesday, 2022 (the Vagant, USP)
November 22rd  Tuesday, 2022 (Parnassos, room 2.04)
December 6th Tuesday, 2022 (Parnassos, room 2.04)
January 2023

Intake and questions

To ensure you are a good fit for the group and manage expectations, a brief individual intake with Angeliki and Yashna will be held upon your registration. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via