Idea box

Drie geillustreerde personen houden gezamenlijk het logo van de Universiteit Utrecht omhoog.

Do you have a good idea for the National Education Programme that has not yet been developed? Send it in and the NPO project team will start working on it.

Do you have an idea that has already been developed? Then apply for funding to carry it out.

What ideas have we already received?

We have already received several ideas. We are working on them. Examples of the ideas are meditation booths to take a break, walk 'n talks to share ideas with fellow students or reading rooms where students can read together (online).

Sign up for a brainstorm

We often hold brainstorm sessions to gather input from students. Together with you, we come up with new ideas to make things more fun for students. 

Poster van back to better met drie illustraties met activiteiten en twee qr-codes naar ideeënbus en subsidie aanvragen