Drie geillustreerde personen houden gezamenlijk het logo van de Universiteit Utrecht omhoog.

Since the start of the National Education Programme, four Calls for Proposals (grant rounds) have been organised at Utrecht University. Students, student organisations, faculties and UU employees could apply for grants for activities that contribute to the objectives of the National Education Programme (NPO). That is: eliminating and repairing disadvantages among students caused by the corona pandemic. 

The last, fourth, Call closed on 1 February 2023. There has been a huge take-up of this grant opportunity. This means that all available budgets from the National Education Programme are now all earmarked. No new round of grants will be organised.

Please note that acknowledged student organisations can still make use of the Student Organisation Grant. This is a one-off additional subsidy opportunity in 2022-2023. Look here for more information. 


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    Poster van back to better met drie illustraties met activiteiten en twee qr-codes naar ideeënbus en subsidie aanvragen

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