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Students, student organisations, faculties and UU employees can apply for funding from Utrecht University for activities that contribute to the objectives of the National Education Programme (NPO). That is: repairing deficits caused among students by the corona pandemic. A grant application can be submitted during a "Call for Proposals".

Please note: acknowledged student organisations should first make use of the Student Organisation Grant. This is a one-off extra subsidy opportunity. Look here for more information.

Fourth Call for Proposals

Deadline submission of application

31 January 2023, 23.59 hrs.

Publication of outcome

25 February 2023

Minimum amount to apply for

€ 500

Basic conditions


  • All applications within the same theme are in competition with each other. This implies that we may have to make choices and may not be able to (fully) support every strong application.
  • There is no funding available in this call for Theme 1a (facilitating entry and transition of prospective students) and Theme 2a (Community).

Other criteria

  • The application must be an activity with substantive content.
  • The application must be sufficiently concrete. And the link to the corona pandemic should be explained prominently.
  • It cannot be a standard activity. These will not be supported in principle, unless the subsidy is going to be used to give an extra impulse to overcome the corona deficits.
  • The project team expects the activity to achieve the desired goal.
  • The project can start independently. The NPO project team does not employ people to support or take on the project.
  • The costs per student are realistic, considering the revenues and the intended purpose of the project.
  • For projects with a longer duration or permanent status, it should be clear how funding and/or management will be arranged when NPO stops.
  • For student organisations: has the recognised student organisation already used the NPO amount of 2022-2023 (250 or 500 euros, see below)?
  • The available budget depends on the number of applications received. The more high-quality applications come in, the more will be awarded, the less budget will be left for a possible next call.
  • Please check the FAQ for more information.

How to apply for funding?

Does your request concern students of the same faculty? If so, submit your request via the form of that faculty. Does it concern several faculties? Then use the general form. 

    See examples of faculties and student organisations

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