Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome (KNIR)

The academic scope at KNIR is wide and diverse, however for the NWIB Summer School we focus on a selection of themes that are particularly relevant for the city of Rome. Think of the tension between the religious and cultural ‘functions’ of churches in Rome or questions on (preserving) fascist architecture and the more general problem of how to deal with (tangible) memories of this troubled past and its impact on the collective identity of the city and its inhabitants.

Other avenues may also be explored, such as the growing tension between an economic need for tourism in the city on the one hand, and the pressures it puts on the city and its ecological system, culture and wellbeing in general, on the other. Not to mention the impact the air traffic has on the climate.

For students interested in:

  • Sustainability & Tourism
  • Contemporary Culture and Heritage in Rome

More on the KNIR

The Royal Netherlands Institute Rome (KNIR) is one of the five Dutch Academic Institutes abroad (NWIB) which aims to inspire and support students in their studies of Rome through on-site research and training.

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