The Netherlands Institute Athens (NIA)

Picture of NIA institute, showing ornate roof and blue shuttered windows with balcony

One of the two focal points for the Summer School at NIA in 2024 is contemporary culture and heritage in the city and the relationship between sustainability and tourism. Students will get the opportunity to explore the specificities of heritage management, (sustainable) heritage tourism and heritage-led urban development in Athens. 

Special attention will be given to sustainable tourism planning and the effects of tourism, as well as leisure activities on heritage and the historic city centre. Understanding this interrelationship is crucial for heritage policy, tourism development, and sustainable development.

NIA also has expertise in Ancient Technologies, Materials, and Crafts. This strand of research will be explored through the following lenses:

  • Their significance in the past and today
  • As heritage assets but also as inspiration and as an element of any cultural landscape, may that be a city, village, or museum
  • Through its connections with professionals that work in these fields today

For students who are interested in:

  • Contemporary culture and heritage in the city
  • Sustainability and tourism
  • Ancient technology and crafts

More on the NIA

Research at the NIA is increasingly multi- and interdisciplinary, due to the scientific evolution of the field of archaeology, but also because of the fascinating research possibilities Athens and its surroundings have to offer.

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