Workshop 'Tackling Fear of Failure'

Study phase: 
Bachelor, Master, Premaster
Study method: 
Time investment: 
Several sessions
English, Dutch

Almost everyone feels stressed at times before exams or other important assessment. This stress is very common and can also help you to focus well. But if that stress leads to excessive fretting, nervousness and tension symptoms and/or your study performance is impaired as a result, you may be suffering from fear of failure.

In this training (6 meetings of 1.5 hours) we pay attention to the factors that play a role in fear of failure and how you can deal with them differently. You will gain insight into the thought patterns that trigger and perpetuate fear of failure, and learn to recognize and change these thoughts. In addition, attention is paid to the role of relaxation and behavior that can influence your fear of failure. Part of the training are exercises that you can use at home in between meetings or classes.

Prior to registration, individuals must undergo an initial orientation and intake conversation with a student psychologist, this intake costs one-time 25 euros. During this conversation, you will discuss if this workshop is best suited for you or whether other avenues are more appropriate. Schedule an appointment with a student psychologist for an intake interview.

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