Workshop - Exam Preparation

Study phase: 
Bachelor, Master, Premaster
Study method: 
Time investment: 
One session

Your exam period can be quite stressful. You want to perform well or at least get a passing grade. In this workshop you will learn what you can do to effectively prepare for your exams. This starts with getting an overview of the course and mapping out what you have to do. Using your own course information and study materials, you will take stock of where you stand and what still needs to be done for the exam. Next, you will learn what strategies will help you to really master the subject matter. If you have prepared well a good exam strategy will increase your success. Therefore, we end the workshop with tips and exercises that help you analyse and answer exam questions.

Please note: because of overlap in content with the course ‘Smart Study Strategies’ we advise you not to attend both, although you are always free to do so.


Course provider: This course is given by 'Educational Consultancy & Professional Development'.

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Phone number: 030 253 2261

There is a consultation hour in which you can get more information about this course or ask for personal advice. 

Workshop exam preparation
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