Workshop - Effective Reading Strategies

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Bachelor, Master, Premaster
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One session

As a student, you may have to read dozens of textbooks and even more articles on your own outside the classroom. It's easy to fall behind - even as early as the first few weeks. To stand any chance of getting through your required readings you will need to learn how to read texts effectively and efficiently. 

Effective reading requires more engagement than just reading the words on a page. In order to learn, retain and use what you read, you’ll have to be selective, focusing on the reading purpose, structure, and main ideas of the text. In this workshop, we're going to take a look at strategies and tricks that will help you wade through all of your required reading and help you up to speed.


  • Goal orientation
  • Brainbased learning
  • Planning your reading sessions
  • Four reading strategies


Course provider: This course is given by 'Educational Consultancy & Professional Development'.

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Phone number: 030 253 2261

There is a consultation hour in which you can get more information about this course or ask for personal advice. 

Workshop effective reading strategies
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