Workshop Dealing with Perfectionism (Dutch)

Open for: 
Science, Veterinary Medicine, Humanities, Medicine, Geosciences, Law, Economics and Governance, Social and Behavioural Sciences, University College Utrecht
Study phase: 
Bachelor, Master, Premaster
Study method: 
Time investment: 
One session
Free of charge

Perfectionism can bring many benefits: you produce high-quality work, you are kind and considerate to everyone, you make (almost) no mistakes. Unfortunately, this also comes at a price. Being perfect takes a lot of time and effort, and is sometimes exhausting. Do you feel you are being lived by your perfectionism? Do you want things to be different?

In this workshop, we use methods from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). It is a helping hand to live a more relaxed live based on what really matters to you.

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