Summer courses - English

Study phase: 
Bachelor, Master, Premaster
Study method: 
Time investment: 
Several sessions
English, Dutch

Summer is the time to meet new people and learn something new. How nice is it to combine those two things? In collaboration with Utrecht University, Babel provides more than 30 English and Dutch courses this summer. Students from all over the world come to Utrecht in July and August to follow one of our intensive language courses. The courses take place on location at Babel, in the center of Utrecht. In addition to the language courses, accomodation and social activities are also provided.

Topics covered: Are you ever insecure about your English or do you want to perfect your English language skills? The English language is a world language, you can no longer go without it in academia and business. Babel offers a wide range of English courses in Utrecht and the virtual classroom. 

Course period: The summer courses take place in July and August. 

Starting requirements: Varying. Do you want to determine your current language level? Then take the level test free of charge and without obligation and get a good indication of your current language level. Based on the result, you choose the language course that suits you. 

Provider: Babel. Note: The costs for these courses vary per course (€695 - €1080). You will be asked to purchase your own learning materials. 

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