Study coaching

Study phase: 
Bachelor, Master, Premaster
Study method: 
Time investment: 
One session
English, Dutch
Free of charge

You discuss with a trained student (peer tutor) any questions you have about studying. The study coach can help you, for example, in planning your study and with your time management, how you can read and study efficiently or how you can prepare for your exams. This can help to reduce study stress and increase your enjoyment of your studies.

Our free study coaching is offered all year round and it is easy to make an appointment online.

Brief content of the tutoring:

  • Study planning/time management  
  • Strategies for reading and studying
  • Setting priorities
  • Procastination
  • Motivation
  • Exam preparation

This session is demand-driven (you decide what you want to discuss), it lasts 45 minutes and it is possible to plan a follow up meeting (with a maximum of 5 sessions per writing assignment).

Course provider: Skills Lab

Study coaching
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