Coaching in Nature: Walk, Reflect and Act

Study phase: 
Bachelor, Master, Premaster
Study method: 
Individually, Online
Time investment: 
One session, Several sessions
English, Dutch
Free of charge
  • Is there a question on your mind?
  • Is there something you would like to investigate or discuss?
  • Can you use some help with your studies or career orientation?

Do you recognize yourself in one of these questions, and do you like to be outside? Feel very welcome to make an appointment for a Walk, Reflect, Act session in nature.

Why outside?

Being outside can calm and relax your mind and give new inspiration. Walking in nature can give you a different perspective on your thoughts, situations and problems. Want to know more about the benefits of walking outside? Watch this video:

What is Walk, Reflect, Act?

It’s a walking in nature session with a coach for 45 minutes, by telephone or live at a location you choose together. While walking, you will explore a topic that’s on your mind. Maybe you have a specific question you want to explore, or maybe you just want to reflect upon how you are doing in your daily life. The coach will invite you to slow down and become more aware of what really matters to you in the present moment.

Making an appointment

Below you can make an appointment. Do you want more information, you can email:

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