3D printing workshop - Lili's Proto Lab

Open for: 
Science, Veterinary Medicine, Humanities, Medicine, Geosciences, Law, Economics and Governance, Social and Behavioural Sciences, University College Utrecht
Study phase: 
Bachelor, Master, Premaster
Study method: 
English, Dutch
Free of charge

Sign up for the hands-on 3D printing workshops of Lili's Proto Lab, where they will teach you the essentials of 3D design, object slicing, and printer operation. This short session will give you the ability to print independently of staff, allowing you to build ideas without an appointment. Lili's Proto Lab normally hosts an open introductory session, check the link below for more information. Or send a brief email to LPL@uu.nl, or send an email if you’d like to register a group larger than five.


Lili's Proto Lab (Caroline Bleekergebouw 0.22)

Go to the website of Lili's Proto Lab for more information.

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