Creative workshops offered to you by Parnassos and free to  join for all students of Utrecht University.


Burlesque increases your confidence and self-esteem. The is thé class if you want to move easier, more elegant and more comfortable in heels, but you can also wear socks, sneakers, or dance barefoot. We will put all exercises together in a choreography which will be feminine, sometimes funny and at times very clumsy. Practising Burlesque will guarantee lots of laughs!

Creative Thinking

A workshop full of creative enjoyment! Do you love being creative, but do you get stuck due to a lack of inspiration? During this workshop you will discover, stimulate and develop new ways to think, look and experience. You will discover surprising approaches, find inspiration at unexpected locations, get to know yourself a bit better and discover how to fire up your inner creativity at any moment.

Currently no dates available

Botanic Illustrating (Dutch)

In this online workshop you will create botanical illustrations inspired by the old botanical drawings that are popular at the moment. Be inspired by special flowers and plants. By looking closely at the unique shapes, structures and colors you improve your drawing skills. You will learn how to draw strong shapes and lines, the correct proportions and shadows. Relax with an hour and a half of creativity. In this workshop you will work with the materials you have at home.

Poetry (Dutch)

During the Poetry course you and the teacher dive into the world of poetry. In a two-hour workshop you will gain insight into the world of prose and poetry and you will get started with concrete exercises.

Currently no dates available