Sleep smarter

studenten slapen op het gras

Those who are well rested can handle more and are more creative, optimistic and active. So a good night's sleep is important. In fact, sleep seems to be a primary necessity of life: all animals sleep and we even sleep about a third of our lives.

But why exactly? What are the functions of sleep? And what if you are kept awake by study stress, noise or sociability? What impact does structural sleep deprivation have on your life and studying? And how can you adjust your sleep pattern? How can you optimize sleep to perform better?

Doctor Jeroen Dudink of UMC Utrecht explains the importance of sleep for our health, early and late brain development and gives tips on how to sleep better.

When and where?

The online lecture by Jeroen Duddink was held on Tuesday October 5th 2021. This lecture was recorded and is available to watch with English subtitles below via the UU Youtube channel.

Video: Sleep Smarter

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