As of September 2022 the content of this programme will be incorporated in the new Master's programme Health and Environment.

About Toxicology and Environmental Health

This MSc programme investigates risks related to chemical, biological and physical agents in the environment, the work place and the food chain from a multidisciplinary perspective. 
The programme starts with Introducing Life Sciences, a mandatory introduction week for all Master’s students of the GSLS.

The focus of the programme is on the three main approaches used in environmental risk assessment:

  • exposure assessment
  • toxicology
  • environmental epidemiology

In order to facilitate and support risk assessment, knowledge is needed on the bioavailability and hazards associated with toxic substances. Within risk assessment epidemiological research aims at establishing relationships between environmental and occupational exposures to chemical, biological and physical factors and health. 
To reliably and quantitatively measure exposure of human beings to all sorts of agents is a complex endeavor which requires rigorous methods and method development and validation.

Combining the information gathered by the three approaches mentioned above will contribute to an improved understanding of chemical and biological risks and more thorough risk assessments.

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