Business Internship

Business Internship (27 ECTS) from 2017/2018 onwards

OSIRIS code: B-MSBINB17 (27 ECTS)   B-MSBINBU (30ECTS 2016/2017)

Subsequent to the FBE course in year two, students of the master Science and Business Management will do an Business Internship of at least five months at a company or organisation outside the university. The internship must be business related and preferably have a link to science. There should be a clear assignment, on which the student will work independently under the guidance of a host supervisor and UU examiner. Typical examples are doing a market research for a chemical company, carrying out a feasibility study at a life sciences consultancy firm or writing a business plan for a biotech start-up. The internship may include practical work like constructing a marketing database or designing a risk prevention system.

The internship includes practical work, and a report (in total around five months), for instance with a consultancy firm advising multinationals on their research policies, or in a small biotech start-up company working on business development.

A supervisor from Utrecht University should be involved in guiding you through this business internship. This is usually a staff member from UCEME (within the Utrecht School of Economics).

Before the start of the traineeship a clear formulation of a problem, which will be the subject of investigation, has to be approved by the Programme Coordinator.

The application for the business internship is done via Osiris Zaak.

At the end of the internship the student must hand in a solid academic thesis with concrete conclusions and recommendations and give an oral presentation at the host company.