Research project

Major research project 

The major research project's duration is 39 weeks and counts for 51 EC. 

This research project is performed within the research groups at either the Faculty of Science, the Faculty of Veterinary Science, UMC Utrecht, the Hubrecht Institute or the associated research groups of the Graduate School Life Sciences or Natural Sciences.  At the bottom of this page you will find a link to information that can help you find a suitable research group. 

The research project may have a more fundamental or a more applied signature. Preferably you choose a project which generates knowledge that in the (near) future may be used by third parties (companies, governmental organisations, patients, customers, etc.).  

The project includes translating a Life Sciences problem into a relevant research question and designing a suitable research plan to test the formulated research questions, according to methodological and scientific standards. 

We advise to start looking for a position right away, so you can directly begin your research project at the start of your Master's programme.  
You are expected to conduct your major research research project at Utrecht University (UU) or UMC Utrecht (UMCU) (including the Hubrecht Institute and the Princess Máxima Center). Contact your programme coordinator if you encounter difficulties in establishing an appropriate supervisor (as projects can be conducted outside of the UU/UMCU in exceptional cases).

• Please see the GSLS Students' Site for learning outcomes, application, planning, etc. 

• Please note that it may take a while before you find a suitable internship, but also be aware that most students do find a 9 month internship of their choice and interest! 

• Once you have found your research project, you have to fill in the application for your research project via Osiris Zaak, see the GSLS Students' Site

• After a few months’ work in your research project, you and your supervisor/examiner will take the time for an intermediate assessment. This assessment gives you tops and tips for further growth during this period. You can use the rubrics for a research project as a set point. 

Finding a research project

At this page, you will find more information about finding a research project.