What is it?

OSIRIS Case (‘Zaak’ in Dutch) is a platform integrated with the rest of the OSIRIS modules that allows the digitalisation of requests and modules.

How is it used at the GSLS?

OSIRIS Case is used for research projects (major, profile, and mini-project) and writing assignments. It allows for the communication, assessment, and handling to take place completely digitally.

For more details and contact information, please see the instructional guide.

What are the main advantages?

With OSIRIS Case, all the actors (students, examiners, programme coordinators) can determine the status of the request at any time. All the processes and documents related to the request are streamlined and automatically sent to the right actor.

The process of signing and storing documents occurs in an automatic way and GSLS committees have access to them when required.


Both the digital procedure and the manual were created with the utmost care, but they may be incomplete or contain some inconsistencies. We appreciate your feedback, so please feel free to contact us on OSIRISCaseGSLS@uu.nl about your findings or in the event any issues occur.