Non-participation in a test due to force majeure

The formal procedure for non-participation in a test due to force majeure is described in art. 5.8 of the Education and Examination Regulations (EER) and art. 2.4 of the Rules and Regulations.

If you are not able to participate in a test final examination or resit of a course* due to illness or other forms of force majeure, you must report this via email to the course coordinator and the academic counsellor as soon as possible. In this email include your name, student number, course name and code, date, and time of the test as well as the reason for absence.  In case you want to participate in the resit examination (or a supplementary/alternative test) you need to contact the academic counsellor to submit an official request to the Board of Examiners. This request is only taken into consideration if the absence for the original examination is correctly reported. The request should be supported by evidence of the force majeure, if available.

* This procedure only applies in case you are not able to participate in a test or final examination. If you are not able to participate in another compulsory education component of a course, please contact the course coordinator.

Online proctoring

If you cannot take an exam on location due to force majeure and you would like to request provision for testing in special cases (which might be online proctoring) this may be possible in certain cases. You make your request through the academic counsellor who will discuss it with the Board of Examiners. The academic counsellor will let you know if your request is approved. In case you want to specifically request online proctoring, please add ‘URGENT proctoring’ to the e-mail subject. Individual proctoring has to be requested at the latest at 09:00 am on the working day before the exam.