The neurosciences comprise a vast, multidisciplinary field aimed at understanding normal and pathological brain functions. It is this multidisciplinary character that makes the neurosciences so very interesting and challenging.

Two tracks

This international Master’s programme will teach you the fundamental principles of neuroscience and will train you to conduct neuroscience research in a multi-disciplinary team. There are two tracks:

  • Cognitive Neuroscience (CN)
  • Experimental and Clinical Neuroscience (ECN)


A lot of research for the Cognitive Neuroscience students is related to the Experimental Psychology department, and focusses on perception, both at an elementary level and at a higher conscious level, in particular in the visual domain.

For the Experimental and Clinical Neuroscience students, education is often related to research in Translational Neuroscience, Neurology, and Psychiatry of the UMCU, and in the Military Hospital.

More information

More information about the study programme of Neuroscience and Cognition can be found the study guide or on the website of Neuroscience & Cognition.