Programme courses

You can enrol for Molecular and Cellular Life Sciences courses via the course registration page on the GSLS Students' Site. If you are looking for other courses outside your Master's programme, visit the GSLS Course overview page

Check the overview of courses relevant per track below.

1 EC = 28 hours of education

  • OP = optional for students from other programmes
  • 1/2, 2/2, et cetera indicates whether a course is taught multiple times a year
  • TBD = to be determined; start/end date will follow at a later time point

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Name courseStart dateEnd dateECOP*
Concepts in Science for Life (SK-MCSL)Sep. 11Sep. 192No
Plant Environment Interactions (B-MPEI)Sep. 11Sep. 233Yes
Introduction in Biophysics and Molecular Imaging (SK-MIBMI)Sep. 20Sep. 221Yes
Molecules & Cells (SK-MCMC)Sep. 25Oct. 63Yes
Biophysics & Molecular Imaging (SK-MCBMI)Oct. 9Oct. 203Yes
Genes to Organisms (B-MCG2O)Oct. 9Oct. 203Yes
Virology (BMB430006)Oct. 9 Oct. 203Yes
Research in Intracellular Processes and Cell Organisation (SK-INTRAPR)Oct. 23Nov. 33No
Biotechnology (B-MBITEC)Oct. 23Nov. 105Yes
Protein BiophysicsOct. 30Nov. 31.5Yes
Advanced Microscopy (NS-EX423M)Nov. 13Feb. 27.5Yes
Microbial Genomics (B-MBIMIGE)Nov. 13Dec. 14.5Yes
Bioinformatics and Evolutionary Genomics (B-MBIEG06)Dec. 18Jan. 123Yes
Gene Expression, Epigenetics and Disease (BMB509413)Jan. 15Jan. 263Yes
Structural Bioinformatics & Modelling (SK-MCBIM21)Jan. 15Feb. 24.5Yes
Applied Cryo-Electron Microscopy (SK-MCACEM)Feb. 5Mar. 83Yes
Plant Microbe Interactions (B-MEPMI)Feb. 5Feb. 213Yes
Chemical Biology (FA-450)Mar. 11Apr. 197.5Yes
Applied Protein Crystallography (SK-MBPPC)Mar. 18Mar. 293No
Analytics and Algorithms for Omics Data (BMB508219)Mar. 18Mar. 293Yes
Light Microscopy (B-MLMIC19)Apr. 2Apr. 123Yes
Model Organisms (BMB505316)Apr. 15Apr. 191.5Yes
Design of Anti-Infective Drugs (DI-FA-442)Apr. 22Jun. 286Yes
Advanced Biomolecular NMR (SK-MCABNMR)May 6Jun. 74.5Yes
Introduction to Biomolecular Mass Spectrometry (SK-MBAPBMS)May 6May 101.5Yes
Applied Plant Biology (B-MEAPB)May 20Jun. 284.5Yes