Infection and Immunity studies the molecular, cellular and clinical aspects of pathogens and immune responses. Infectious diseases and disorders of immunity are a continuous threat to the life and well-being of humans and animals. The aim of the participating groups is to improve the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of infectious diseases and disorders of immunity by performing basic and clinical research in a multi­disciplinary approach.


The aim of this Master’s programme is to train the next generation of researchers, thus ensuring the continuity and quality of research in the field of immunology and infectious diseases. There is a great demand for scientists with expert knowledge in both the fundamental and disease-oriented aspects of immunology and infectious diseases.
Most of our alumni continue as PhD students, whilst others join pharmaceutical industry or choose for a career governmental institutions linked to policy-making in science and health care.

More information

More information about the study programme Infection and Immunity can be found on the study guide of the GSLS or on the website of Infection and Immunity.