The following honours programmes are available for all students of the Graduate School of Life Sciences


U/SELECT (Utrecht Selective Life Sciences ExtraCurricular Track) is the life sciences honours programme for selected students of the GSLS. It is a 2-year extracurricular programme, for excellent students who seek to broaden their horizon and want to get more out of their Master's programme. More information about  U/SELECT.


The honours programme Quantative Biology offers students extra challenge in the field of Quantative Biology and Computational Life Sciences. More information about QBIO.

Young Innovators

Especially for ambitious master students, who want to employ their creative abilities in complex national and international social issues, Utrecht University offers a 15 EC honours programme: the Young Innovators. You can take part in this programme alongside every Utrecht University master’s programme, but there is a selection procedure.

Along with students from other disciplines, you will consider innovative and sustainable solutions for issues from the following themes:

  • Sustainable innovations for the theme of health
  • Sustainable innovations for the theme of economics
  • Sustainable innovations for the theme of urbanisation

Information and signing up
Do you want to know more about the programme and entrance requirements? Full information about Young Innovators can be found on the prospective master’s website.