Programme courses

You can enrol for Epidemiology courses via the course registration page on the GSLS Students’ Site. If you are looking for other courses outside your Master’s programme, visit the GSLS Course overview page.  

1 EC = 28 hours of education

  • OP = optional for students from other programmes
  • 1/2, 2/2, et cetera indicates whether a course is taught multiple times a year
  • TBD = to be determined; start/end date will follow at a later time point

For extra details click on the course title to see all information. MyTimetable offers a detailed schedule per course.

Programme-related courses

Name courseStart dateEnd dateECOP*
Introduction to Epidemiology (BMB402914)Sep. 9Sep. 203No
Introduction to Statistics (BMB404014)Sep. 23Sep. 271.5Yes
Study Design in Etiologic Research (BMB403615)Sep. 30Oct. 143Yes
Classical Methods in Data Analysis (BMB403314)Oct. 21Nov. 156Yes
Clinical Epidemiology (BMB509818)Nov. 25Dec. 61.5Yes
Clinical Trials and Drug Risk Assessment (BMB510818)Dec. 9Dec. 131.5Yes
Modern Methods in Data Analysis (BMB417014)Jan. 6Jan. 244.5Yes
Systematic Reviews in Intervention Research (BMB532818)Feb. 3Feb. 71.5Yes
Presentation and Writing of Research Proposal (BMB422016)Feb. 3Feb. 142No
Advanced Diagnostic Research (BMB501818)Feb. 10Feb. 141.5Yes
Generalized Linear Models (BMB515818)Feb. 17Feb. 211.5Yes
Cardiovascular Epidemiology (BMB507818)Feb. 24Feb. 281.5Yes
Computational Statistics (BMB511818)Mar. 3Mar. 71.5Yes
Advanced Topics in Causal Research: Confounding and Effect Modification (BMB502818)Mar. 10Mar. 141.5Yes
Prognosis Research (BMB524818)Mar. 17Mar. 211.5Yes
Research Ethics and Society (BMB506714)Mar. 25Apr. 31Yes
Nutritional Epidemiology (BMB523818)Apr. 7Apr. 111.5Yes
Study Design in Veterinary Epidemiological Research (BMB535818)Apr. 7Apr. 111.5Yes
Mixed Models (BMB520818)Apr. 14Apr. 251.5Yes
Epidemiology of Animal Infectious Diseases (BMB538818)Apr. 14Apr. 253Yes
Hands-on Veterinary Sciences (BMB534818)Apr. 28May 21.5Yes
Public Health Epidemiology (BMB525818)May 12May 161.5Yes
Survival Analysis (BMB528818)May 19May 231.5Yes
Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases (BMB513818)May 19May 231.5Yes
Systematic Reviews in Diagnostic Studies (BMB530818)May 28Jun. 21.5Yes
Missing Data (BMB526819)Jun. 2Jun. 61.5Yes
Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis of Prognosis Studies (BMB531818)Jun. 16Jun. 201.5Yes
Machine Learning: Application in Medicine (BMB518818)Jun. 16Jun. 201.5Yes
Methodology in Health Economic Evaluation (BMB519818)Jun. 23Jun. 271.5Yes
Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis of Individual Participant Data (IPD) (BMB529818)Jun. 30Jul. 41.5Yes
Mathematical Modelling of Infectious Diseases - Summer School (BMB524817)Jul. 7Jul. 183No
Big Data - Summer School (BMB506818)Aug. 11Aug. 151.5Yes
Molecular Epidemiology of Chronic Diseases - Summer School (BMB521818)TBDTBD1.5Yes
Pharmaceutical Policy Analysis - Summer School (BMB537818)2025/20262025/20261.5Yes
Fundamentals of Global Health - Summer School (BMB514818)2025/20262025/20261.5Yes
Inference and Models (BMB517818)2025/20262025/20261.5Yes
Reproducibility in Clinical Research (BMB527819)2025/20262025/20261.5Yes
Genetic Epidemiology (BMB516818)2025/20262025/20261.5Yes