Within the master Environmental Biology, you have the option to specialise in one of the four tracks. Each track offers courses of which some are compulsory (see below). In addition, you can follow other courses that are included in the list of programme-related courses.

More information on how to apply for a specific course can be found in the Osiris Course Catalogue.

Ecology & Natural Resource Management

  • Exploring your Research Impact (compulsory)
  • Ecology of Natural Resources (compulsory)
  • Conservation Science and Impact (compulsory)

Plant Biology

  • Exploring your Research Impact (compulsory)
  • Plant-Environment Interactions (compulsory)
  • Plant-Microbe Interactions (compulsory)
  • Applied Plant Biology (compulsory)

Fungal Biology

  • Exploring your Research Impact (compulsory)
  • Fungal Biology (compulsory)

Behavioural Ecology

  • Exploring your Research Impact (compulsory)
  • Measuring Behaviour (compulsory)
  • Evolutionary Perspectives on Sexual Behaviour (compulsory)
  • Zoo Conservation Biology
  • Primate Social Behaviour

All programme-related courses: