Translational Life Sciences profile


Profile start date: February 5, 2024

Unmet life sciences needs from within society play a central role in the profile Translational Life Sciences. Translation is a two-way street: you are first trained to translate a current real world problem into a well-defined (research) problem and then to translate it into tangible solutions to benefit relevant stakeholders.

Key elements of this profile are:

  • Unmet biomedical societal needs
  • Challenge-based education
  • Design thinking
  • 21st century skills (communication, collaboration, boundary crossing, problem solving, pitching)
  • Involvement of stakeholders and multiple disciplines
  • Personal development

For more information please contact the profile coordinator: Sanne ter Meulen. To learn more about the profile, listen to episode 13 of the Radio Life Sciences podcast in which coordinator Sanne ter Meulen and student Joshua Elford tell you more.

Are you curious about the differences between the profiles Life Sciences & Society and Translational Life Sciences? Download this PDF to compare the two profiles! It was designed by former students of the Translational Life Sciences profile and shows a comparison of both profiles and can help you with choosing one of them.