Management profile


In the Management profile, skills in the life sciences are combined with courses in management and business economics.

In the modern knowledge-based economy, the development of products and services requires firms to combine scientific frontier knowledge and superior market assessment. For this, organisations need professionals with the skill to manage and market knowledge-intensive products, as well as having a solid understanding of the scientific principles underlying these products and processes. Especially at the start of a professional career, young science academics need the management skills to add value and survive in a competitive business environment. The Management profile offers such skills.

The profile consists of an intensive half-year of coursework on economics, organisation and strategic management, marketing, operations management, financial management, entrepreneurship, and public procurement. Teachers in the Management profile are (mostly) staff of the Utrecht University School of Economics. In addition, several companies and organisations such as CapGemini, Accenture, the Netherlands Patent Office, Transfer Solutions, Quadia, Kempen & Co, Utrecht Inc., and Quintiles have provided workshops in the past to support the professional focus of the programme.

For more information, you can contact the profile coordinator: Hein Roelfsema