Life Sciences and Society profile


Profile start date: February 5, 2024 

The profile Life Sciences & Society allows students to broaden their horizons. Students will learn the history of life sciences and how the views and values of society have influenced life science research and continue to do so.

It is important that students understand that life sciences research occurs in a cultural and societal context which is marked by the diversity of our society. Students must not only learn the impact of science on society but also how life sciences research can benefit society and what the interaction between life sciences and society can bring us.

For more information, please contact the profile coordinator: Gisela van der Velden.

To learn more about the profile, listen to episode 10 of the Radio Life Sciences podcast in which coordinator Gisela van der Velden and student Elisa Ballan tell you more.

Are you curious about the differences between the profiles Life Sciences & Society and Translational Life Sciences? Download this PDF to compare the two profiles! It was designed by former students of the Translational Life Sciences profile and shows a comparison of both profiles and can help you with choosing one of them.