Applied Data Science profile


Data are everywhere. From the life sciences to industry, commerce, and government, large collections of diverse data are becoming increasingly more indispensable for decision making, planning, and knowledge discovery. But how can we sensibly take advantage of all the opportunities that these data potentially provide while avoiding the many pitfalls? The profile Applied Data Science addresses this challenge.

Applied Data Science is a multidisciplinary profile for students who are not only interested in broadening their knowledge and expertise within the field of data science, but are also eager to apply these capabilities in relevant projects within their research domain. The two compulsory courses provide a thorough introduction to data science, its basic methods, techniques, processes, and the application of data science within specific domains. The foundations of applied data science include relevant statistical methods, machine learning techniques and programming skills.

The multidisciplinary nature of the profile is also embodied in the collaborative design of the compulsory courses and the research project. This means that both the teaching staff and students will have different backgrounds as means to help broaden perspectives and stimulate creativity. We investigate data science methods and techniques through case studies and applications throughout the life sciences and health, social sciences, geosciences, and the humanities. Therefore, students applying for this profile should have an affinity for this multidisciplinary approach.

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