Life Sciences Seminars

The Life Sciences (LS) Seminars are part of Broadening Life Sciences (Part C of the Life Sciences Academy). Below you will find the schedule of the GSLS-organised LS Seminars. Seminars usually take place on the third Thursday of the month from 16:00-17:00, unless stated otherwise.

After the long COVID situation, we are happy to be able to teach on campus, and it is therefore decided to not offer the LS seminars online. Networking with peers and experts is a huge point of these seminars, hence our choice to only offer it on location.

LS seminar - 8 Sept
LS seminar - 20 Oct
LS seminar - 17 Nov
LS seminar - 15 Dec
LS seminar - 26 Jan
LS seminar - 23 Feb
LS seminar - 23 Mar
LS seminar - 13 Apr
LS seminar - 25 May
LS seminar - 22 Jun