Life Sciences Seminars

The Life Sciences (LS) Seminars are part of Broadening Life Sciences (Part C of the Life Sciences Academy). Below you will find the schedule of the GSLS-organised LS Seminars. Seminars take place alternating on the third Tuesday or Thursday of the month from 16:00-17:00, unless stated otherwise.

Networking with peers and experts is a huge point of the seminars and therefore we do not offer the seminars as a live-stream. 

Schedule 2023-2024

LS seminar - 07 Sept
LS seminar - 10 Oct
LS seminar - 09 Nov (extra edition)
LS seminar - 16 Nov
LS seminar - 19 Dec
LS seminar - 25 Jan
LS seminar - 27 Feb
LS seminar - 21 Mar
LS seminar - 16 Apr
LS seminar - 16 May
LS seminar - 18 Jun