Life Sciences Career Events

The Life Sciences (LS) Career Events are part of Broadening Life Sciences (part C of the Life Sciences Academy). Below you can find more information about the live and online career events organized for you as a GSLS student.

Both the webinars and the live career events organized by the GSLS count towards the 2 career events part of Broadening Life Sciences. You are also allowed to follow certain career events organized by the UU: the workshops Self-analysis for Career Orientation, Transferrable Skills, and Exploring the Job Market & Networking are all good options. A personal appointment with one of the career officers can also count as one of your events. Outside of the University, we recommend the yearly BCF Career Event. Do you want to follow an event elsewhere that you think is suitable? We are always open to suggestions and you can check this with us by e-mailing us at

Life Sciences Career Event Webinars

Are you curious what kind of jobs are possible after finishing your Master's degree? Join the Life Sciences Career Event webinars!

During the Online Life Sciences Career Events we invite GSLS alumni to talk about their job and the road towards it. Each event has a specific theme, either a field to work in (consultancy, non-profits, pharmaceutical industry), or a topic to help you kickstart your career (finding a job as an international, how to prepare a job interview). These events are facilitated by a GSLS career officer, and you are invited to actively ask questions and/or participate in discussions. The webinars take place on Thursdays from 16:00 to 17:00. You will find the upcoming events in the list below.

Please make sure to register for the events for them to count for the Broadening Life Sciences module. Information on how to register can be found in the information per event once you click on one of the events below.

Themes for upcoming year

Consultancy 19 October 2023
Do you like tackling complex issues? Then consultancy might be a good profession for you! Working project-based and often in various organizations as well, consultancy will be a life-long learning experience. We discuss this with two consultants from different organizations.

Online LS Career Event - 19 Oct

Research in a company 21 November 2023
What does it look like to work in research outside of academia? Where and how can you find companies that perform research, and what is different compared to working within academia? We discuss this with two alumni working in research-based positions outside academia.

Online LS Career Event - 21 Nov

Working in clinical trials 6 February 2024
Do you enjoy working together in a team and are you a good planner? Then working in clinical trials is a perfect job opportunity for you. Clinical trial assistants (CTA) assist the clinical research teams in ensuring the most effective and efficient conduct of clinical research studies by providing administration and project tracking support, whereas Clinical research associates (CRA) plans, prepares and carries out clinical trials to test new or existing drugs and assess their safety and benefits of use. Does this sound intriguing to you? Join this online event where we talk with a CTA and CRA about their jobs.

Online LS Career Event - 6 Feb

Traineeships 5 March 2024
Several organizations, NGOs, and the (local and national) government have traineeship opportunities for young higher education graduates. We invite two trainees working for different organizations to tell about their work, how they decided that a traineeship was the next step for them, and how the training part of their job looks like.

Online LS Career Event - 5 Mar

Finding a job as an international 9 April 2024
Finding a job as an international (non-)EU student can be challenging. We discuss remarkable features regarding the Dutch job market, helpful organizations, and the necessity of learning Dutch.

Online LS Career Event - 9 Apr

Preparing a job interview 6 June 2024
It’s the end of the year, and graduation might be nearby for you. Perhaps you’re in the middle of job hunting! In this event we talk with people involved in recruitment and selection of new candidates. What does a selection process look like? What do they think is important? Any no-go’s that you should avoid?

Online LS Career Event - 6 Jun

Life Cycling Event - October 17th 2023

During this event you get to visit different companies who work in the field of life sciences, located at the Utrecht Science Park, by bike. More information can be found after clicking on the yellow button below.

Life Cycling - 17 oct