Life Sciences Academy

The Life Sciences Academy (BMB509718, GSLS-ACAD) is a compulsory 3-part module of 1.5 EC in total. This module is a combination of courses, workshops, seminars, and career events designed to cover all aspects of academic education and to acquaint you with a wide range of life sciences-related topics. Moreover, special focus is put on giving a comprehensive overview of the different choices you can make, both in terms of study components and personal development opportunities, but also to prepare you for your upcoming entry into the job market. 

The Life Sciences Academy consists of 3 parts: 

  • Part A: Introducing Life Sciences 
  • Part B: Navigation Towards Personal Excellence 
  • Part C: Broadening Life Sciences (seminars and career events) 

Credits for this module are obtained when all requirements for part A, B and C have been met.  

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